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Rethinking planning for nature

Strategies and solutions for the sustainable management of the environment and its functions for spatial planning at local, regional and national levels.




The assessment of environmental conditions and natural capital using spatial data and knowledge exchange with stakeholders are prerequisites to tackle complex issues of sustainable development and integrated environmental management. 

With a strong research and practice background, we offer a new approach to integrate nature and its services into spatial planning to support government and business decision-making based on three pillars:

            Strategic planning

            Spatial analysis


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Strategic planning

Driven by the desire to become precursors in terms of sustainable development, communities, organizations, and governments wish to equip themselves with steering documents to manage, protect and restore nature. Our science-policy approach for strategic and action planning assists your institution in meeting its objectives.

Spatial analysis

Spatial analysis is crucial for effective management and protection solutions of biodiversity and ecosystem services across national and subnational objectives and actions. We provide expertise to capture, acknowledge, assess and address multiple nature's contributions in practice, using spatial analysis methods for government and business policy support.


Our company believes in capacity building as a means to create sustainable social change and empower stakeholders to manage, protect and prioritize nature. We offer a complete toolkit to roll out capacity building campaigns tailored to your needs. 

About the founder


Dr. Rémi Jaligot

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After a Ph.D. in environmental sciences and planning at EPFL and several years of work experience on environmental management projects, Rémi Jaligot builds on his interdisciplinary background to provide customers with an effective process to integrate nature into their strategies and projects. He advocates for a structured, locally tailored, methodology, involving multiple stakeholders in a participatory manner, to put in place nature-based actions to protect, manage and restore natural capital.

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